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Portrait Page
Head & Shoulders Portraits, Including Pets

Example One:  16 X 20" = $500 (Head & shoulders portrait on plain background).
Example Two: 
18 X 30" = $1,000 (Two portraits on plain background).

(Click on images for enlarged view).

NOTE:  In creating a portrait, I prefer working from my own reference photographs.
On rare occasion I'm able to work from a customer's photograph(s), but ONLY if the quality is adequate.
This only applies for head and shoulders portraits and not full compositions.

Full Composition Portraits:

Original portraits are priced by the square inch.
For a full composition, including background, the price is $10 / Sq. Inch.

Examples:  Approximate Size: 22 X 30" = $5,500

PLEASE NOTE:  Matting and framing costs are extra and vary according to size and materials chosen.
For Inquiries, Call:  800-787-5040 or tom@stsfineart.com

The following forms of payment are accepted as well as personal checks, once cleared.


 All Images 2017 S. Thomas Sierak