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Testimonials & Endorsements

So many of you from around the country and world have sent email and letters
of appreciation and encouragement regarding my work.  There just aren't enough words
to express how grateful I am except to say "thank you".  YOU are the reason I do what I do.

I cannot begin to tell you how very delighted Paul and I are with our prints! We took them out and just stood there in total amazement as to your artistic abilities. Every aspect of your work is so superior to any other artist's work we have seen. You have the ability to create a door into your artwork in which the viewer finds themselves walking through and standing there experiencing a feeling of peace - it is amazing! You capture more than rich colors, perfect flow of arrangement, depth dimensions... you capture something America needs to go back to - purity, honesty and an appreciation of the simple things in life which keep our lives in proper perspective.

I can say from the bottom of my heart, your prints will be the nicest gifts I have every given my parents. My parents always have a high volume of different "walks-of-life", gender and ages, come into their home and I know your artwork will touch a positive chord and bless these individuals.

Thank you again for working hard and using your gifts/talents so others can benefit. By viewing your art, one can focus better due to experiencing what we so many of us are missing in our lives recognizing what is really important in life.  Thank you, Tom. Your name, philosophy and artwork will always be promoted in our household and conversations!
Paul & Kathy Sehnke
* * *

My son bought a pretty picture from of an old woman teaching quilting to her granddaughter (A Stitch In Time by Tom Sierak).  This lady looks like I will probably look 30 years from now.  I am the founder of a sewing charity who makes lap blankets for the disadvantaged in Harrisburg.  I was diagnosed with a brain tumor a few months ago and the future has been too scary to even contemplate.  Your picture gave me real true hope!   I'll still be able to sew blankets and teach the younger ones how to sew even when I'm old!  In fact, I'll live long enough with enough of my faculties intact to BE old!!!!  Thank you for such a beautiful picture, and for giving me a nearly prophetic word that I'll make it in good shape after all! 

God bless you and yours,
Marcellene Currens
* * *

I just wanted to thank you for a beautiful print that now graces my wall. I saw your work for the
first time last summer in So.
Portland at the "Art In The Park" exhibit and was so taken with it,
especially "Room With A View." I showed a friend your catalog and she gave me the print for
Christmas. I've had it framed in a beautiful cherry frame and triple matted to bring out all the rich colors.  Thank you for bringing some color and beauty into my home. 
Sheila Frappier

* * *
I am a 73 year old artist but am not in the business of selling now. Your work is the first I have
seen on Augusto Fine Art, that I consider Art!!  Keep up the good work as realistic art is coming back!  Thank God, and I am sure a lot of so called artists that can't draw will back out.
Sincerely, Betty Newcomer
* * *

They say that life is not measured by the number of breaths you take but by the the things that
take your breath away. Your work has left me breathless. I can only hope that some day my own feeble efforts might come within a mile of what I have just experienced on your web-site.
Thank you for the experience.
Thomas. D. Lynas
Montupet UK Ltd
* * *
Dear Tom:
Our mail arrived a few hours ago with the limited edition "Together" which I ordered a few days ago.  The print is beautiful -- my husband and I are very pleased  with it.  We are having it framed and matted and giving it as a wedding gift to a "young couple"  (79 and 81) who will be married in April.  They have a home on the water in Mattituck on the North Fork of Long Island.  So the picture is perfect!  Also, thank you for including a picture of the statue of liberty and your catalog. You are truly a wonderful artist and we wish you all the best.
Margaret Seyka

* * *
Hi Mr. Sierak:
I just wanted to say that I selected one of your prints a few months ago with the little boy peeing in the orchard.  I have it hanging in my bathroom. If I had been a young fellow, I would have asked that you would have painted me the same way. It is filled with such innocence and charm. You really have such a warm hand in your paintings. Such love of the subject matter.  I'm very glad to own the print as it makes me feel just as free and young.
Michael DeMontagnes
* * *
Dear Mr. Sierak,
I just HAD to write to you to comment on your "limited edition print"
called "Together". In that print, I see my Mom and Dad. The way they are sitting and the clothes they wear are identical to what my Mom and Dad wear. Mom still wears a hat like that and Dad always has his cap on.

My parents are both quite old now, and won't be long before they pass away. It will break my heart and soul when that happens.  My Dad was a lighthouse keeper for 32 years, as his father was, before him, for 36 years. We lived in isolation at the lighthouse, with no electricity. Mom worked hard with 4 children and Dad worked hard at the lighthouse. Of course, my parents are long retired now and we, their children, are looking after them now.  After coming out of isolation, we have always lived by the ocean and have spent countless hours sitting by the docks and watching boats and ships.

In your painting, I can imagine the smile on my Dad's face, as he watches those ships and wishes he could go out to sea. Mom would be remembering the days in isolation when we went out by boat now and then, and enjoyed being on the ocean.  I want to thank you for such a wonderful print, and I do hope others can get some memories from your truly wonderful paintings and prints.  The good Lord willing, I can keep this old computer running and be able to look back at your print as the years pass by, and remember those wonderful times with my Mom and Dad when we were "together", and I can "remember when"
Sincerely,  Kathy Osborne
* * *

Dear Mr. Sierak,
I have just been in your website.  After so many years of having my son's website through Heavenly Stars, I sit here dumbfounded as I finally looked through your paintings.  My son died at the age of seven weeks and I have grieved for 18 years.  I came across your painting titled Face To Face and it is uncanny how much the woman and child in the picture resembles my baby and myself.  I am still trembling as I sit here and cannot take my eyes off the painting.  Where did you get the subject?  How can this mother and son looked so much like us?  I have only two or three pictures of my Matthew before he passed away.  They are not of good quality, but are all I have of us.
Elvira S. Johnson
* * *
Dear Mr. Sierak...
I wrote you a while back to let you know that I was proudly using your "United We Stand" art in a web set created by Moon and Back Graphics.  This picture means so much to me because it reminds me in so many ways of my oldest son, Michael, who at that time was serving in Afghanistan with the 101st Airborne out of Ft. Campbell.  My son got home in mid-May - alive and well - and I shared your note with him where you said that he was a "hero" to you and your baby boy.  Well, my baby boy came back with a Bronze Star -- he was already a hero in my eyes and this award just enforced that others saw him that way as well -- and in July he married his high school sweetheart. Now, as I am sure you are aware if you watch the news, he has again received deployment orders and will be leaving at any time to do his part in defending our freedom.
While I couldn't be prouder - I'm so afraid because this will be so totally different from
Afghanistan.  I'm writing you this to say that I look forward to more of your art showing your true American spirit and I thank you again for giving me the opportunity to share your work with others from my web site. 
Phyllis C.

A Military Mom-Please Pray for our Troops
* * *

Dear Tom,
Since my wife is celebrating her birthday today, this is the follow up that you requested as to how she enjoyed Partners In Crime. You would really need to be here to see the look on her face when she opened it to see how truly happy she was. Since we have been looking for it for the past 2 or 3 years and couldn't find it she had pretty well given up on ever finding it. I would expect that made it more special to her. From this she also learned that if she should see any artwork in the future she would like to have she should either buy it or at least get the artist's name to make tracking it much easier  at a later date.  She has been looking at your web site quite a bit this morning and I expect we will not be stopping with only Partners In Crime. 
Thanks Again. Have a Great Day.
* * *

Oh Tom:
Your print just arrived.  It is pouring rain here in New Jersey.  I mean it is teaming. And, was on the phone when FedExGround delivered on front deck.  Hung up and got it quick.  Tube is a wonderful method to send in.  You had it well protected in that (I am assuming) acid free paper.  It is so precious.  Thanks for your gift of your art, Tom.  It brings wonderful enjoyment to my heart.  wow!  blue on blue... live model there?  Neat too.  Might get it and hang over my bed.  Take care... keep in touch when not too busy... i can imagine you are swamped now.Bye bye for now.
ara - Long Beach Island, NJ
* * *

My friend just bought me your print of "The Audition" from Big R Ranch and home in Salida Colorado.  It is to say the least an exact picture of me when I was 8 years old.  I too had a similar out fit and it is uncanny how some of the stuffed animals in the picture look just like ones I have had through out my life.  My friend said that when he first saw it in the catalog that he stopped for a minute…. he swore that if that little girl turned around it would be a picture of me at that age.  What was your inspiration for this painting? How are you able to capture the imagination of little girls like that.  For truly I believe it could be many many a young girl. We all at some point in our childhood have played out this image. Thank you for this print.  It is a valued piece of my life now. Not just a piece of art, but a piece of life.
Melinda W.
* * *
Hi there,
About a month ago I wrote a note along with a vote on you paintings.  I'm an amateur woodcarver and you said if I ever get a website to let you know. I don't but I've sent a picture along with my first attempts at pastels. I just wanted to thank you.  Your website was an inspiration. I even bought a limited edition of "together". Beautiful.  Pastels have opened a new door for me and what fun. I'm thoroughly enjoying myself. Never having worked in color it's quite a challenge and a real learning experience. So, thank you again. You've sent an admirer on a new adventure.!!
Al Y.
* * *
I just received a beautiful print as a retirement present.  I am so very very pleased with the print it is beautiful.  Could you tell me where in Kennebunk you painted it?  My print is signed but not numbered so reviewing your website I was wondering what kind of print it is. Thank you so much, I will enjoy it because it brings back memories of when I lived in Kennebunk.  I truly love the ocean especially Kennebunk.  I would love to visit your studio at some point to see more of your work.
Again thank you,
Lorraine C.

* * *
Dear Tom:
Before I tell you which painting I would like to vote into print, I would like to take a moment to tell you what an incredible man I think you are for the ability to capture the simplicity and beauty of everyday life itself that most people seem to overlook.  I'm a 34 year old single man living in Bossier City Louisiana, and several years ago, back in 1995, I took a company trip to New Orleans where I visited a Wild Wings store on the River Walk. I picked up one of their catalogs and rushed out of the store as we were all in a rush to get back on the bus to catch our plane. When the plane finally took off I pulled out that catalog and that is when I discovered the most beautiful painting I had ever seen. The painting I am referring to is THIS LITTLE PIGGY.  Well, as soon as I arrived back home I called the store to order one of these prints only to be told SORRY WE ARE ALL SOLD OUT.  I was very disappointed but I kept the catalog only because of this print hoping to run across one someday, and today is my lucky day. I found that old ragged catalog just the other day and opened it up to that moment in time that you so beautifully captured on canvas and for the first time I noticed something other than that wonderful Mother and her Child...... it was the name of the artist, and thanks to the Internet and search engines my long awaited dream of owning one is now just a click away. As I mentioned earlier I'm a single man but I have been in love with the same woman for the last 20 years, unfortunately 19 years ago a car wreck claimed her life making it impossible to ever see her again, but for some reason when I see this picture This Little Piggy, it seems to make the impossible.... Possible,
Thanks to you. Every one of your prints seem to touch my heart in some way or another, some deeper than others nevertheless each one has its place in my heart, so based on what little you know about me it probably wouldn't be to hard to figure out which print I vote for Number 5, "Forever One,"..... because something's in life really are forever.
Thanks for all that you give,
Thomas R.
* * *
Dear Mr. Sierak,
As I was going thru your gallery of work, I came across the painting "Boys Best Friend".  It grabbed my heart and soul.  I'm sitting here crying now as I write to you.  My youngest son was killed in an automobile accident in July of 2002.  Almost six months later (to the day) we had to have our golden retriever "Sam" put to sleep due to old age and cancer.  This painting reminded me so much of Butch and Sam that I just had to write you and let you know that you touched my soul today!  Thank you for such a wonderful piece of art.  I greatly appreciate your talent. 
Thank You,
Gina B.
* * *
My husband and I have been married for 17 years and have had a horrible time with infertility for 14 of those.  Two years ago I had to have a hysterectomy and that chapter of my life was closed.  For years we have tried to adopt and nothing ever happened.  Two weeks ago we received a call from our lawyer out of the blue and we will be adopting a new born in March.  When I stumbled on your site the prints of the mothers with the babies almost made me explode but I could not.  We have decided to keep it quiet until we are for sure it will happen to avoid any more hurt to our families.  Your work is beautiful and even if this does not work out for us we are going to donate them to our church nursery so they will be seen.  I am so excited about having these prints in my nursery. I am also in the process of setting up a child care facility or the course I teach, a child care center.  When we get it underway I will be ordering more prints from you. Thanks for listening to me babble but I wanted you to know how important your work people like me! Thanks so much,
Pamela J
* * *
Dear Sir,
I'm a young artist from Asian country-Bhutan. I've seen some of your pictures on websites. I really, like your kind.  I Hope, I can follow a route from artist like you. Nice meetin' you, today in this websites, Hopin' to get response.
Till then bye,
* * *
Hi Tom,
I was able to present my niece tonight with the tube, and she just about jumped off the floor with delight her father is going to make his own frame in oak for it....and when she saw her name and your signature, it just made her day :))  Thank you for lighting up her face and heart...also, I was so pleased to meet you and your beautiful wife I just loved her company and are truly Blessed...
* * *
I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful, wonderful stationery.  Having gone to the pound to get a dog for my husband (deceased these past 13 years) as a Valentine's present, and being specific about NO hound, please, I can remember laughing my head off when I put on George Jones and the dog started to sing.  His name from that moment on was Possum and he is 15 now, still singing.
Thank you again.
* * *

Mr. Sierak,
I just received the "Drinking Buddies" print. I must say that it took my breath. It was so much nicer than what I expected!  Your attention to lighting and detail is absolutely amazing. You can almost smell the summer day.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for capturing such a perfect moment between buddies. It will be admired for years to come, and I look forward to adding more pieces of your work to my home.
* * *
We just received the print and it is absolutely wonderful. I know it was some trouble to do this for us.  We are your fans forever! I think God is careful who he hands out great talent to. He sure was right about you.
Thank you, Tom.
Darrell & Cathy
* * *

Hello, Mr. Sierak.
First, let me state that you're artwork is extremely inspiring!  I have to say that my favorites are "Life Span", "Miracle of Life", "Forever One", "United We Stand", "The Toy Shopper", "Precious Bundle", "Baby's First Steps" and "Little Piggies".  I love all of your work, but these just make me tear up.  Keep the artwork coming!  I absolutely adore it... and you should share your talent!

Mom of two beautiful girls
* * *
A year or so ago I wrote you twice, one letter you put on your website and the first was also a vote.  I used to be a woodcarver until your work inspired me to attempt pastels.  Now that's all I do and on a daily basis. Two of my paintings were just voted into an exhibition at work and I've included them below.  I thanked you before when I had just begun to use pastels, but I want to thank you again.  Painting is wonderful and has opened a whole new world to me. The results are improving every time and I am getting freer with each attempt.

You are an inspiration and the painting I purchased from you has been admired by all who see it. I just wanted to thank you again, but words are so limiting.  I only wish that someday I might be able to touch people the way you do, but at 56 time is running out:) If you can spare the time I would appreciate any criticism you may offer, if not I understand.  (The) Lad in "Salute!" is the latest and hug just before it. My son-in-law was (in) Iraq and thus the inspiration.
Thanks again,
An admirer

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